Where to go on a first date

July 25, 2016 Posted by Nice

First dates are tricky. Not knowing anything about the other person adds to the mystery, but it also throws a whole host of unknowns into the mix and as such will make you second guess yourself. Chief among the concerns is the fact that both of you don’t know what the other likes.

The thing about first dates is that they set the tone for the rest of the relationship. This is especially important as the place you go to has a direct impact on how your man will view you in his mind. Knowing where to go on a first date will improve your chances dramatically.

Don’t fall into the trap of going for a dinner and movie on your first date! I mean, the first time you see this guy and you spend an hour and a half in a dark room watching a show. Not much of a connection there right? Also, the movie genre you’re watching could set you up for disaster. A romantic movie might seem out of place and make things awkward while an action movie could have him pumped up and excited, about something other than you.

How about eating home? Your home. Well thats kind of fast ain’t it? Its the first date! Your parents are going to be shocked and he is going to feel pressured and awkward. Men prefer to take things slow to test the waters and see if the relationship is working before committing themselves. Going too fast will make him want to back off and if you push it too hard, he will leave you thinking you’re crazy. If he is a keeper, he’ll meet your parents when the time is right and not sooner. You’ll know exactly when [:

By now you’re wondering, maybe a bar? Its a good place to relax, knock back a drink and have some good conversation. If you’re planning on hitting a bar, make sure you go to a classy bar, preferably one that has good lighting and a comfortable atmosphere. The people that frequent the place should give off an air of class. Avoid sleazy and cheap bars at all costs! A bar that is filled with drunk men and women actively trying to get fresh with guys is not a good place for a first date.

Do something casual. A dinner is not a must for a first date. Lunch as a first date can work just as well. If you already have some background info on him, try to plan something that caters to his interests. If he is an art student, he may appreciate a trip to the art gallery or a museum. If he prefers sports, your first date could be at a stadium, watching the game.

Sometimes the guy you’re dating could be pretty laid back. If that’s the case, keep things casual! Try hanging out for coffee or something similar. It’ll take the pressure off and create a easygoing environment that could lead to anywhere. Of course if your date fails to impress you at all, you can just end things there and that will be the end of it.

It is important that you take care of your own interests too. Don’t focus too much on one person. If you try too hard to please him and go to a place that you dislike, you’ll end up looking bored and disinterested; a definite attraction killer. Always remember that both people should feel happy in a relationship. If one person is unhappy, things will not work out at all.

Picking the right place for a first date is important, but so is conversation. The things that men find engaging are different from women and it pays to know what men like to talk about.

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