Types of minimalism

July 25, 2016 Posted by Nice

The minimalist path you choose will have a significant impact on the design of your home or apartment.

An extreme minimalist will do just as the name implies… take the lifestyle to the extreme. Reducing their belongings to the bare minimum. This includes getting rid of furniture, accessories, and electronics that are deemed unnecessary such as bed frames, televisions, etc. The purpose of this extreme minimizing of belongings is to promote a more spontaneous, free lifestyle that is not tied down to inanimate objects, physically or financially. The saying is true that the more possessions we own, the more our possessions own us.

A practical or rational minimalist will implement the concepts of minimalism to a lesser degree than the extreme minimalist, but is still pursuing a more simple, focused life with less strain on their wallets and their wellbeing. As I stated previously, I fall into this category. I have no desire to have an unfurnished apartment and I don’t plan on moving without planning as I am a minimalist with pets… but I am content with minimizing my furniture and accessories down to what I would consider the essentials such as a bed, table/counter, desk, a few seating options, storage options that promote a zero-clutter space, and functional, precise accent pieces.

Whether you are an extreme or practical minimalist, there are many design options to consider that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Many people assume minimalist design to be stark, impersonal, empty, but if done well a minimalist home can provide peace of mind, opportunities for personalization, and an efficiently maximized use of one’s space.

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