Main Revitol Ingredients – Know What is in the Skin Care Line

May 9, 2015 Posted by Nice

Created in 2002, Revitol is a skincare line that’s acne, anti-aging, and skin brightening . Eight products are shown by an associate of the Natural Products Association, their web site by March 2010. Now anti-aging make an eye cream, a two component acne treatment, a three component “whole anti-aging alternative”, a cellulite cream, Revitol stretch mark cream, skin exfoliate, skin brightener along with a hair removal. There are a number of the same ingredients used in a number of the products that are different.


Glycerin is a sugar alcohol that is naturally occurring. It’s among the main ingredients in many cosmetic and skin care products like Revitol. The Meals and Drug Administration, or Food, ordinarily regarded as safe, or has deemed it GRAS. This is a humectant, that will pull in the atmosphere that encircles in moisture and lock it to the top levels of skin, maintaining it from becoming dry. Another utilization of glycerin can be as a skin protestant that saves epidermis from discomfort that is external.


Squalene oil is an all-natural oil that’s seen in olive oil and in many vegetables. In a July 2006 research within the International Journal of Cancer revealed that mice were protected by squalene oil from skin cancer tumors after contact with carcinogens. It’s primarily utilized as a skin lubricant and can keep the skin smooth and soft in look. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review, upheld this conclusion as recently as 2001 and or CIR, has discovered it to be safe to be used.

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe is an all-natural fixing in the solution of the aloe vera plants Aloe ferox and Aloe barbadensis. The Food has outlined it safe and the CIR has set it safe for make-up. It making damaged or dry skin more supple and is commonly used to reduce skin flaking. Many use aloe to help in skin irritations, and in wound care, burns.

Tea Tree Leaf Oil

Made in the distilling of Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, tea tree oil is just a popular ingredient in skin formulas, and in several personal care products, hair care items. It continues to be viewed being an infection treatment in certain fungal infections and has been examined for its antiseptic qualities. Tea tree oil continues to be topically used for sensitive skin responses from histamine-induced inflammation for acne in decrease in lesions and.

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