Dark Green Diarrhea

March 25, 2017 Posted by Nice

Dark Green Diarrhea – When to be Concerned?

The presence of dark green diarrhea is enough to get even the calmest person a little distraught. Could you be getting sick? Is it something you ate? Do you need to go to the emergency room? Is there a reason to panic? Well, before you work yourself up into a bundle of nerves which can worsen any condition, you need to simply pause, relax and do a little self-evaluation.

How do You Feel?

Many people jump the gun and get stressed over a little dark green stool before they really evaluate how they are actually feeling. Do You feel sick? Do you have a temperature or could dehydration be present? Are you in any pain? Chances are very good that if you are like most others, you probably feel absolutely fine.

Are You Stressed?

Is it the first day on a new job or attending a new school? Are bills overdo or do you just have a lot going on and not enough hours in the day to get it all done? Stress can wreak havoc on your digestive system and cause green bowel movement because it pushes things through your system at a faster rate. This means that the green bile that breaks food down in your intestines has not gone through an essential chemical reaction yet to turn the stool brown.

If stress is causing your stool dark and green, some product can help by restoring the balance of healthy bacteria that your body is lacking.

Are You on a Diet?

This type of diarrhea can be the direct result of adding more leafy greens into your diet. Foods like broccoli, spinach, asparagus and lettuce contain an abundance of chlorophyll which is the fluid that turns plants green. Typically the darker the greens, the darker the poo but this is certainly not dangerous.

When you make positive dietary changes, your body needs time to adjust to processing these types of food. On a side note, since Bowtrol promotes a healthy digestive system, most people find that it aids with weight loss as well.

Have You been Overindulging?

Just as healthy food choices can result in green poop or diarrhea, so can junk food. Processed foods are not only bad for you; they contain fructose, sorbitol and artificial coloring. Just the term artificial anything should raise a red flag. What exactly is in artificial coloring and why don’t they give you more specifics? Artificial coloring is in nearly all processed foods and it’s doing you no favors. This includes the marshmallows in your Lucky Charms cereal, the pretty green color of your mint chocolate chip ice-cream and even your strawberry milk you drinking as a late night treat.

Most people find that consuming foods which contain artificial coloring in moderation doesn’t cause too much concern but a little too much indulgence can throw your system way off balance and cause your poop dark green. Fortunately, a product like Bowtrol can help restore your body the way it should be.

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